Places To Go

Bangunan Sultan Abu Bakar

bangunan sultan abu bakar

It is one of the most prominent buildings in Muar, located on Jalan Petri, with a grand staircase in front. The building was used during the Japanese Occupation as the head office of the Japan administration. Post-war, it reverted to the British colonial government which in turn handed it to the Johor State Government upon independence.

Sultan Ibrahim Jamek Mosque

Jamek Mosque

A historical mosque located also in Jalan Petri, at the bank of Muar river. Its architecture is influenced by Western & Middle-Eastern styles.

Nan Hai Fei Lai Goddess of Mercy Temple

Goddess of mercy temple

It is a Guanyin Goddess of Mercy temple located on the riverside main road of Jalan Maharani opposite of the Bentayan Express Bus Station, is the oldest Chinese temple in Muar.

Nattukottai Chettiars Sri Murugan Temple

Sri Murugan Temple

The oldest Hindu temple in Muar situated only 500m from the hotel. It is fondly known as the Chettiar temple for the contribution of the community where local devotees visit for the divine Lord Murugan's blessing.

Tanjung Emas Park

Tanjung Emas Park

A recreational park overlooking the pristine Muar river. The place is great to spend your day in : it offers children playgrounds, waterfront with various activites such as boating, kayaking, fishing, flyboarding and many more. For those who fancy golf, the park also features a 9-hole golf course. What attracts the most number of people is the 45-minute to 1 hour river cruise that departs from the Tanjung Emas jetty straight up to Sabak Awor jetty, where visitors can enjoy a local seafood fare for dinner typically.

Padang Nyiru Laman Maharani

Padang Nyiru Laman Maharani

Located near the stunning Sultan Ismail bridge, this 'padang' stands out for its modern clock tower with old English architecture, a mini Roman colosseum, a neatly manicured lawn, a fountain & a beautifully-designed seawall. The garden immortalises the olden days when the site was a busy trading centre where junks & boats anchored with merchandise & charcoal.

Murals Art

Mural Art

Art enthusiasts flock to this city for murals done by flourishing local & foreign artists alike. These mural arts include The Loving Sisters, Bangsa Johor, Ferry Pier, The Roots of World Furniture.

Local Coffee Shop

Local Coffee Shop

Muar plays host to many local factories that produce high-quality coffee. It is renowned throughout Malaysia & globally. Many coffee shops here offer amazing local brews. Coffee is often served with toasted bread (choices of plain or smothered with a generous spread of butter & kaya) & boiled or half-boiled eggs. Sampling coffees with these sides are nutritious ways to start your day. We recommend 434 Coffee Shop which is only 1.2 km walking distance from the hotel.